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Bag for chess
Bag for chess
  • Bag for chess
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  • Complex bag for chess set
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Complex bag - DESIGN 2 - for a big size chess board - between 19-21" ( 48-54cm)

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After "Check Out" please write in the "Comment" box all 3 dimensions (length, width, height) of your chess set so I will know the exact size of the bag I should make.

Complex leather bag for a big size chess board - between 19-21" ( 48-54cm) - DESIGN 1


If you already have a complete set of chess equipment: board, pieces, chess clock etc and you need one bag to store it then you’re at the right place

I recommend a leather bag for chess board with an additional front pockets to store chess pieces. The bag has a hand grip and removable shoulder stripe.


DESIGN 2 - mean that the flap closure has magnetic points to close the bag correctly and securely.  I use an additional interior layer to protect the wooden surface of a board.

At home, your valuable chess board made sometimes from very precious wood should be carefully stored and protected from dust, scratches etc.  When you store it in a cover it won’t lose its shine and it will serve you with the same gloss for many years.

It's my own design and it's based on my own chess playing experience and necessity to protect my wooden chess boards.

You won't find anything similar in any store.  

*** I sew these bags by hand so I can make any size bag exactly for your requirements *** 


During the ordering process I will ask you to confirm all 3 dimensions ( length, width, depth ) of your chess board so I will make a custom bag exact for your size chess board. To make a correct size front pockets for chess pieces I will need to know the size/height of the King piece.


Leather colours available: light brown, deep brown, black


Complex bag - DESIGN 2 - for a big size chess board - between 19-21" ( 48-54cm) - Features
Colorsdark brown, black