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Felt bags

Felt is a very stylish material which I discovered as the perfect protection for wooden chess sets. I really recommend it as a chess player and owner of many wooden chess sets.

A cover for your chess set lets you take your chess set safely to a tournament, club, school, friend or just store it at home.

At home, your valuable chess board made sometimes from very precious wood should be carefully stored and protected from dust. When you stored in a cover it won’t lose its shine and it will serve you with the same gloss for many years.

I sew all my felt bags and covers by hand. It is my own design and it's based on my own chess playing experience. You won’t find anything similar at any store. Of course I can make every size bag and customise it for your expectations.

A felt bag is a good alternative to more expensive leather which I also use to make bags and which you can also find at my store. 

A felt bag looks modern and is very light.  You may select many colours of felt: grey, graphite, black, green, blue, red and beige 

I personally produce and sew by hand all of my bags.


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