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Chess boards

If you already have a chess board and you need a bag for it then you’re at the right place. Please verify the size of your chess board and select the correct item. Products are divided into 4 groups: small, medium, big and max.

Small size:        the chess board is smaller than 17" ( 43cm )

Medium size:    the chess board is between 17 - 19" ( 43 - 48cm)

Big size:            the chess board is between 19 - 21" ( 48 - 54cm)

Max size:          the chess board is bigger than  21" ( 54cm) 

In the next steps I will ask you to confirm all 3 dimensions of your chess set so I’ll be able to make a custom size bag exactly for your chess set.

If you have any problem with making a decision or any questions please contact me via "have a question?".

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